Studio jLd is led by creative director Jennifer Linton. In 2021, Jennifer moved to obtain a dedicated studio space for works that have long moved beyond her graphic design acumen toward personally designed objects and works of art. With interest in a wide variety of creative forms, an array of projects are in play in any given season. The multitude includes weaving, screen printing, tufted artworks, and endeavors yet to be named. Nature, geometry, and the Anthropocene are regular themes. She applies her visual expertise to new mediums where her truest works are yet to emerge. Check back often to see what develops — manifestations that will likely teeter between usable objects and fine art.


Jennifer can be found in her studio at Workshop 4200 on most days. Read more about past experiences below.

Jennifer has operated out of Chicago for decades where she’s honed her experience as a graphic designer and art director. She spent fifteen years working on nonprofit magazines primarily for the American Hospital Association, one of the largest nonprofits in the country.


After leaving her downtown job, she began freelancing as jLinton design working on a variety of projects including business identities and collateral, billboards, convention graphics, wayfinding, website design, and more. 

Read about Jennifer’s volunteer work relating to the environment. »