Creative Jennifer Linton is an artist by way of design inspired by nature, geometry, systems thinking, and reflection on modern life. Love of color and form are main drivers of work explored in various mediums, primarily fiber-based: worked, woven or tufted. Nature-based works simply seek to encapsulate our astoundingly beautiful flora and fauna that could all be lost as we live through the sixth extinction. Geometric works allude to either simple or complex process maps of endless systems methodologies at play in life, human designs that must and can change. Knowledge that humans are overburdening and extracting from the planet to a catastrophic brink drives work that shows systems as patterns — and the ability of these forms to shapeshift so we may thrive in harmony with our planet. Works stand boldly on their own with insight into hidden meanings there only for the curious and questioning — who may find themselves pondering why we don’t shift to sustain life.

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American Society of Business Press Editors’ Azbee Awards


​​2013 National Gold Award for “Well-scripted success” Organizational Profile (HFM, Sept. 2012)


2012 Regional (Midwest) Gold Award for “Gauging Efficiency,” Computer-Generated Cover (HFM, Dec. 2011)


2010 National Bronze Award for Publication Redesign (HFM 2009 redesign)


1999 National Gold Award for Illustration Cover (HFM, Jan. 1998)


1999 Regional (Midwest) Gold Award for Illustration Cover (HFM, Jan. 1998)


1999 Regional (Midwest) Silver Award for “Rounding Up Your Real Estate” Illustration Cover (HFM, April 1998)


1998 Regional (Midwest) Bronze Award for “Basic Training,” Illustration Cover (HFM, Nov. 1997)



American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors’ Awards


2012 Silver Award for “Trends in Health Care: Gauging Efficiency,” Computer-Generated Cover (HFM, Dec. 2011)


2011 Gold Award for “Trends in Health Care” Best Special Report (HFM, Dec. 2010)


2003 Silver Award for “Hospitals as Community Builders,” Opening Page/Spread (HFJ, Nov./Dec. 2002)


2003 Silver Award for “Nanomedicine,” Computer-Generated Cover (HFJ, Jan./Feb. 2002)


2003 Bronze Award for “Planning for Community Benefit,” Illustration Cover (HFJ, Nov./Dec. 2002)



Communication Concepts’ APEX Awards


1999 Publication Excellence for Best Redesigns (HFM 1998 redesign)


1999 Publication Excellence for Cover Photography, “Eye Spy” (HFM, Aug. 1998)


1998 Publication Excellence for Cover Illustration, “It’s A Jungle Out There” (HFM, 1997)



Chicago Headline Club’s Lisagor Award nomination


1998 Lisagor Award Finalist for Design Spread “10 Myths of Healing Environments” (HFM, Feb. 1998)



Graphic Design:USA’s American Graphic Design Awards


Stop and Breathe® Website (2015)


Go Green Northbrook Identity + Website (2015)


jLinton design Letterhead + Stationery (2013)


“Boy Meets Girl” Wedding Invitation (1998)